Wood Seasoning Kiln

Wood Seasoning Kiln Manufacturers in India

We are manufacturers Wood Seasoning Kiln ,suppliers & exporters.Wood Seasoning Kiln is incorporated with a highly advanced technology that allows easy control on the drying rates. In addition to this, the seasoning kiln is also appreciated for assuring minimum defect losses. All the equipments used in the seasoning chambers are made out of best quality of material like MS steel sections with great resistance against corrosion and highly corrosive conditions. The seasoning kiln is installed with heat transfer grade steel tube fin tubes type heavy duty heat exchangers that are suitable to use steam, thermic fluid oil system, hot or super-heated water system.

Product Details

Capacity – Small or large

Material Loading Capacity – 500-1500 kg

Max Temperature (degree Celsius) – 0-500


  • Working parts can resist high temperature conditions
  • Mild steel construction
  • Anti- rust coating
  • Easy to control drying rate
  • Minimum defect losses
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Heavy duty heat exchangers