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    Square Shape Cooling Towers

    Square Shape Cooling Towers manufacturers  in india


    »Intended to cool mechanical re-cycled process water from temperature of 50 degrees to temperature of 4 or more the predominant Wet Bulb temperature of the locale. The outline consolidate the static splash spout dissemination to atomize water in to a fog state and guarantee consistency in water scattering and are anything but difficult to keep up amid the pinnacle activities.

    »The boiling water from the application is scattered consistently over the wet deck fill by methods for static splash non stop up spouts. All the while, air is prompted through the fill media along these lines taking ceaselessly the dormant warmth from the water going through the fill media. Bit of water vanished, expels the warmth from the rest of the water. The warm clammy air is drawn through the fan deck is released to the air. Cool water, gathered at the accumulation sump, is re-coursed to the warmth source.


    »Dairy,Citrus and other food processing industries

    »Distilleries and Breweries plants


    »The tower is reassembled in the factory, knocked down into some unit, transported to the job site, and reassembled into the final shape. The quality is thus stable. The transport and set-up is easy and quickly.

  • Timber Cooling Tower
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    Timber Cooling Tower

    Timber Cooling tower manufacturers in india


    »Wooden Single Flow and Double Flow induced Draft Cross Flow Direct Drive System. Reduction Gear Box Drive Suystem. Counter Flow Square / Rectangular Induced / Forced Draft Towers. Packaged Wooden Double / Single Flow Induced Draft Cross Flow. Fan-less Induced Draft Wooded Cooling Tower  Atmospheric (Natural Draft Cooling Tower). Re-Inforced Concrete Cooling Towers. Spares For any Type and Make of Cooling Systems.

    »Temperature 4°C To 30°C 2 Cell Timber Cooling Tower 3 Cell Timber Cooling Tower 5 TR T0 1000 TR Uniform water spraying Fow Rate from 5 M3/Hr To 500 M3/Hr

    »Design Water Flow Rate - M3 /hr Hot Water Inlet Temperature - 0 C Cold Water Outlet Temperature - 0 C Wet Bulb Temperature at site - 0 C


    »Automobile Industries, Cable Industries, Casting Units, Cement factory, Chemical Industires, Dairy Industries, Fertilizers Indusries, Food Industries, Hotels , Hospitals, Paper Industries, Power Generation Stations, Petrochemical Industries, Pharmaceutical units, Plastic Industries, Refineries, Rubber Industries, Steel Plant & Rolling Plant, Sugar Mills, Textile Mills, Spinning Mills, Tyre Manufacturing units Water effluent treatment industries


    »Economy In Operation Best Performance Architectural Compatability Maintenance Free