Mist Eliminator

Mist Eliminator

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Mist Eliminators are designed to remove contaminants from process air emissions that evolve as mist droplets. These contaminants can include oil mist, machine coolant mist, chromic acid mist, sulfuric acid mist, and other entrained mist. KCH Mist Eliminators are among the most efficient on the market and meet or exceed state and federal standards. Mist Eliminators work by utilizing composite mesh or vane plate surfaces to separate the mist droplets from gas streams through mechanical impingement and inertial impaction. The large surface area coupled with a small volume allows for the collection of liquid without substantially impeding the flow of gas. Some Composite Mesh Pad Mist Eliminators can also be used as a post-control acid fog eliminator on Wet Scrubbers.


Heat Transfer Equipments has extensive experience and application knowledge in gas-liquid separations, liquid-liquid separations, and vapor flow conditioning devices.

We offer you the opportunity to:

  • Improve product purity
  • Reduce the loss of valuable chemicals and products
  • Increase plant throughput capacity
  • Prevent plant air and water pollution
  • Reduce plant effluent¬†treatment cost
  • Protect valuable downstream process equipment

Uses of mist eliminators
The formation of mists in gas streams often results in process inefficiencies and/or product loss in equipment such as knockout drums, distillation columns, evaporators, and environmental scrubbers. Mists can also cause serious damage to downstream equipment.

The following examples can help you evaluate the benefits that a properly designed mist eliminator can provide to your operations.

Reduce loss of valuable chemicals
Mist eliminators markedly cut glycol, amine, or solvent consumption in absorption and regeneration towers.

Increase throughput capacity
Mist eliminators allow significant increase in throughput anywhere gases and liquids come into contact in process equipment.

Improve product purity
Mist eliminators prevent contamination of side draws and overheads in refinery atmospheric and vacuum towers and other distillation columns.

Eliminate contamination
Mist eliminators prevent the poisoning of expensive downstream catalysts or provide boiler feed water quality condensate from evaporator overheads.

Provide equipment protection
Mist eliminators protect turbine, blower and compressor blades, which eliminates serious maintenance problems.

Prevent air pollution
Mist eliminators help reduce droplet emissions to environmentally acceptable levels.

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