Tube bundle heat exchanger

Tube package warm exchangers are principally suited for warmth exchange between different fluids and gases with or without stage change. Superb outcomes have been acquired utilizing water, warm oil, wet steam and so forth to warm or cool fluids and gases. The standard arrangement comprises of 6 sizes with warmth exchange surfaces running from 0.5 to 500 m2.

Scope of utilization

Cylinder package warm exchangers have an extraordinary adaptability in their utilization and are connected in various parts of the business, e.g.:

• Power station methods

• Machine industry

• Gear producing

• Chemical Industry

• Process building

Structure and Function

The warmth exchangers comprise essentially of lodging and cylinder package. The lodging is a welded development and incorporates all associating, joining and affixing components. The standard smooth cylinder package to be introduced is a two-way demonstrate. The exchanger plan variety with U-tubes (U-structure), the variety with the drifting cylinder base (D-plan) or with a fix compensator (K-structure) every one of them take into account vast changes long between the packaging and the cylinder package because of warmth development.


The accompanying material blends are conceivable (extraordinary materials on demand):

Packaging tube: Steel St37-2, St37-2 stirred, hardened steel V2A/V4A

Cover: Steel St37-2, St37-2 covered with RILSAN, treated steel V2A/V4A

Cooling tubes: SF-CU, CuZn20Al, CuNi10Fe, CuNi30Fe, treated steel V2A/V4A

Type G: Tube package warm exchanger

All inclusive cylinder package warm exchanger for fluids and gases. Contingent upon the necessities distinctive materials up to most extreme quality hardened steels with high erosion opposition are utilized. Likewise activity over-weights up to 800 bar are conceivable. The standard arrangement incorporate 6 sizes with exchange surfaces up to 150m2

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