Significant process of closed circuit cooling tower

closed circuit cooling tower

Cooling towers where the fill has been supplanted by a curl of smooth cylinders, through which flows the liquid to be cooled. A second circuit, helped by a little siphon, worked in to the unit, gathers water from the pinnacle bowl and circulates it over the loop.

Being the pinnacle shut circuit, a gadget which the fluid to cool won’t interact with the air, supplanted with focal points to the set cooling tower + warm exchanger, empowering you to get bring down cooling temperatures.

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Principle of operation

The procedure cooling water is coursed through a shut cylinder settle, which replaces the open fill pack. Warmth from the water is dispersed through the cylinder dividers to water falling over the cylinder settle.

At the same time, air is constrained upward and over the home making a portion of the water dissipate and cooling to occur. The subsequent warm wet air is rejected to environment.

Types of cooling coil used in closed circiut cooling tower

Gi coil

Stainless steel coil

Carbon steel coil

Cooper coil

Closed circuit cooling tower components

Cooling tower packing

Drift eliminators

Motor and fans

Water distribution system

Air intake louvers


Simple to associate

Low energy consumption

Low installed cost

Long service life

Zero maintenance

High weight curls for various medias

Pre-tried at our office

Accessible with cooling tower adornment modules

Wide scope of cooling temperatures

Industries we served

Manufacturing units

Air compressors

Mould water cooling

Weld machine cooling

Transformer cooling


Concrete batch plants

Commercial buildings

Refrigeration& chilling plant

Natural gas engine

Induction heating steel furnace

Water cooled air conditioning systems

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