Double Pipe Heat Exchanger

The warmth exchanger comprises of two thin divider copper tubes mounted concentrically on a board.

The stream of water through the middle cylinder can be invert

d for either countercurrent or parallel

stream. The high temp water courses through the middle cylinder, and chilly water streams in the annular locale.

•Valves are utilized to set up wanted stream conditions (rate and bearing). Set the high temp watervalve in the right position to accomplish either countercurrent or parallel stream.

•Thermometers and thermocouples are put close to the passage, midpoint and exit of each

pipe. The thermometer should give coarse readings contrasted with the thermocouple. The

thermocouples are associated to a selector switch on the front of the board.

•The stream meter has an immediate perused scale in ft3/min.The stream meter does not peruse zero atzero stream because of elastic balance.The stream meter can peruse either the chilly or heated water stream

rate by turning the appropriate valves.

•An abstract of activity is as per the following: Open or close the fitting valvesto sethotwater stream at 0.2 ft3/min in countercurrent setup. (All globe valves ought to be

completely opened or completely shut.) The metering valves at the outlets ought to be utilized tocontrol stream rates.

Before starting cool water stream,brieflyclose valve#1 to save heated water. Set valve positions for chilly water stream at 1.0 ft3/min, at that point continuehigh temp water stream (open valve#1)

Enable the framework to achieve stead

y state before takingestimations


. Take no less than three readings  of temperature

also, cool water stream

before changing to new cool water stream rate. Analyze cool water streams of 0.8 ft3/min

what’s more, 0.6 ft3/min

.The two warmth exchanger bunches must work together once the stream

has been started on the grounds that the modification of stream in one gathering will influence the other group’s streams. You should convey when you are prepared to change stream rates

.When you have taken readings for allthree ratesofcool waterstream,reverse the headingof the boiling water stream (tothe parallel stream setup)

by opening and shutting fitting high temp water valves.

Gather parallel stream

information at chilly water stream rate of 0.6

ft3/min as it were.

•Proceeding in parallel stream design and 0.6 ft3

min chilly water stream, increment hotwater stream to 0.4 ft3/min.

Gather temperature information.

•Turn around bearing of heated water stream (back to countercurrent stream setup). Gatherinformation at 0.6 ft3/min chilly water stream. Take extra readings at chilly waterstream rates of 0.8 and 1.0 ft3/min.

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