Air Cooled Condenser

Air Cooled Condenser

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Air Cooled Condenser Manufacturers


»The nearly all accepted style of Air Cooled Condenser is the modularized (‘A’ frame structured design), used on industries and power plants of all sizes. Our design teams are updated new technology of the Air Cooled Condenser design for all types of industries. The Air Cooled Condenser design group will discuss about Technical aspects of Air Cooled Condenser for Power Plants and also more industries. The ‘A’ frame structured designs are mostly used in the power plants. Coil Design : Advanced Smart Circuitry Coil Technology Our Air Cooled Condenser Design Process Contains for Thermal Design.

»Parts: Expansion bellows Hogger Ejection system Condensate extraction pumps Drain pot Pumps Inter condenser After condenser Condensate storage tank Gland steam condenser Drain Pot

»Types: Natural Convection Forced Convection.

»Components: Ejectors 3Bellows Instrumentation Pipe Lines Strainers Valves Civil construction Cleaning system Fans ,Motor & Gear box


»All Thermal power plants Gas based Plants Coal based plants Oil Plants Biomass power plants Refrigerant hot gas piping Nuclear power plants


»Air Cooled Condenser condensate deplete steam from the turbine and it restore the condensate to the kettle. That is control plants steam is utilized to turn the turbine